Catholic University Congregation

The Catholic University Parish of Duisburg-Essen (KHG) is a facility of the diocese of Essen. Together with the KHG of Bochum we constitute church life at the campuses of the Ruhr region.

Our diverse program offers you the opportunity to live Christian faith at your place of study together with other students.

We also recommend our different types counselling which might support you in your personal stage of life and study.

You are very welcome!


Psychological Consultation
In cooperation with "Caritas-Verband" Duisburg we also offer psychological consultation

Ludger Thiesmeier
Tel. 0203 / 2865650 (Caritas)
Mobil: 0173 / 2103447
E-Mail: lt(at) and

Jörg Schreiber
Tel. 0203 / 2865650 (Caritas)
E-Mail: js(at)


All-round consultation
With regard to studies, scholarship, advise for foreign students, examination coaching, overcoming stress, spiritual advise

Dr. Anna Mielniczuk-Pastoors
Mobil: 0151 / 15708422
E-Mail: Anna.Mielniczuk-Pastoors(at)


Campus Essen, An St. Marien 5a, 45141 Essen:

Mondays:          Only by appointment with Dr. Anna Mielniczuk-Pastoors  

Wednesdays:    10:00 -12:00 and 13:00 – 16:00

Campus Duisburg, St. Anna-Weg 7, 47057 Duisburg:

Every first Monday in month from 08:30 – 10:30 and by appointment

Examination coaching
: only by appointment

E-Mail: Anna.Mielniczuk-Pastoors(at)