Tips for working in a group

During your studies it is necessary to hand in results in form of research paper or projects.  Experiences in these areas can be frustrating or exhausting.  Merely the organization of the group, to make appointments and the regular attendance at meetings over a long period can be a challenge. Dependent on personality some students work best under pressure; however for others it is a nightmare. As a result of the work process frustration, pressure and disappointment can arise and have a negative effect. Some members of the group lack participation because they are under-challenged or over-challenged  which could be seen as laziness. The feeling to be left on one’s on, to do many things by yourself can by upsetting.  

The following are tips for your studies  

  1. Choose members for your group not only on sympathy but also on motivation.
  2. Get to know your group; express your wishes and expectations for common work;show an interest in other group members
  3. Compare your understanding of the goal with other group members. The common goal should be clear to all.
  4. Ensure that the distribution of tasks and deadlines are clearly defined.
  5. The work of the individual must be merged with that of the group.
  6. Make sure that each meeting ends with a positive result. That increases motivation and positive anticipation for the next meeting
  7. Be open to broach problems with relations between members. Conflicts are a part of life. Take the chance to grow through conflicts and their solution.
  8. Use your talents and your special knowledge; however don’t be afraid to learn or to explore new things.
  9. Don’t be afraid to work with students from other cultures. This is enriching and is a competence that will be required in your working life.