Medical insurance for international students

At the start of your studies there is an obligation to be insured in the statutory health insurance. This applies for students who have not gone beyond the 14th semester and who are not thirty years or older. You can choose which statutory health insurance you want to belong to.

During this time the contribution for medical and care insurance is approximately € 89 per month. In some circumstances family members (wife, husband or child) can be included in the insurance at no extra cost. Students who are still applicants are however not obligated to be insured. One is a university applicant when one is not registered as a full time student in an institution for tertiary education (university or polytechnic). You are still a university applicant when you are only matriculated and are attending or are wanting to attend a German language course.

Who is not so obligated can be voluntary insured in a statutory insurance (with a monthly contribution from € 170) or can be privately insured. It is often the case that international students are not immediately taken in to the statutory insurance because they have not been previously insured. With the start of the actual studies the situation changes and you can leave the private insurance and change to the statutory insurance.

Udo Gödersmann, ASTA Sozialberatung Uni Duisburg-Essen